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Event Report : Bunkasai Festival 2011

DATE : 26 MAC 2011

Hello HELLO! hye there!

First off, yeah as you notice, i'm covering for an event that took place pretty much about a week ago.. haha.. can't help it, procrastination is an ugly thing *kick self* (=3=)""

but i guess it is an event worth covering and it's a start for many Anime-Manga-Games-Cosplay-Otaku-Japanese Culture based event that i'm going to be covering here and there in the near future. (not to mention.. finally, a pretty decent purpose for my blog too.. LOL)

but this one in particular, is somewhat special to me.. why? *drumrolls*



coz its my first debut in my first ever decent COSPLAY costume! whoot! WHOOT!~ (^A^)

yes.. it's Aizen! and i'm staring into your soul! *glare* =w=/

Haha.. but enough about me *cough cough* so about the event... hmm *rubs rubs chin* here's the verdict..

(i'm gonna be brutally honest from this point on O_O;)

BY THE WAY, These pictures here are not mine, they belongs to my friends in FB! cheers for them! whoot! WHOOT! (and uh.. sorry? Q3Q7)


Before i go any further, let me first explain to you what is Bunkasai is all about.. err.. hold on *search the web for Bunkasai* ah! here we go... .. *ehem ehem*

Bunkasai - in short, it is a cultural festival for Schools and Universities in Japan especially in order to motivate their students and are usually held over the Autumn. (thanks uncle wiki! ^o^/)

For me, UNMC Bunkasai Festival were a pretty refreshing yet a strong and bold approach for UNMC Japanese Society. Personally, i would not say it was bad, but i'd say it was a real good start for many to come. But like any other new events, there're BOUND to be a LOT things that they need to overcome as they were a lot of loose ends here and there.

Speaking of which.. the event organizers faces their first hick up before the event could event commence because of the security issues at the eleventh hour, which the visitors are required to register a week before for an invitation that'll later being personally sent via email. Only THEN u can enter the event premises.

this at first freaked out the eager people who were looking forward for the event as the problem sounded pretty formal because at first, they were told that only those with official clubs and groups from their Universities or school can receives the invitation.. which later comes an explanation saying any independent body could apply for the invitation as well.. WHICH.. i think came a little bit too late.. and most of the event goers would rather spare themselves from such a formality difficulties.

but enough about the preliminary part, lets go to the event itself.. shall we? OwO)7

in my understanding, this particular event were devided into several different part, there was one part of the event that consist of stage performance + Doujin booth in one medium sized hall. Personally, i think this part is pretty abundant, because most of the people and cosplayers especially would rather play outside, and there's only a few booth around to be ponder upon. I don't know about others but i think this part is a little off, as most people will only come here when there's a show playing on the stage.

here's the stage! whoot!

And here's the doujin booths located around the hall

and there was a small part of the hall where you can rent a Yukata/Kimono and take pictures with it! who-HOO!

Moving on, another part was the MAID CAFE! heh heh~ but as you can see below, i pretty much wouldn't say the layout was THAT impressive, but it was pretty decently LOVELY though (^w^)

welcome to Daten Cafe!

These are the Maids and Butlers that'll serve you!

General Layout of the Cafe

the menu

i made a pretty good meido.. no? XD

*koff koff* an.. a.. aaanyway, there's a few selection in the menu and a few mocktails (somewhere at the bottom of the menu, sorry i cant get the full shot.. haha!) which are quite nice! and yeah, i really REALLY compliment the enthusiastic maids and butler that are serving the place! *thumbs up*

And then we come to another part of the event where you can find some alternative foods, some games and a karaoke booth (^_^)

the yoyo-baloon?

the game booth (duh)

these guys are selling Tako

but to get here, you have to go out the main building, and walk around 50 meters off. I think it was pretty simple although it looks a bit of a mess but the only let down was.. they were not selling any cold drinks, and i was really really REALLY dehydrated back then T3T)7 (eventually, i got some iced water from the maid cafe, YAY!).

Oh! and another thing - all the transaction are made using a cupon system (yes, including the maid cafe) i admit.. THAT part is pretty much a nuisance.. because there was this one time i found myself short of cupon but if i buy some more, there will be a waste as they only sell a bundle on RM10 each (=_=)"

here are those annoying cupons! kupo! (=o=)/

Last but not least! (jeng.. jeng JENG!!) the rest of the beautiful beautiful campus! who-HOO! though it was a bit hot.. ok la.. it was REALLY hot out, but it was fun playing around and cam-whoring in the beautiful surrounding landscape! yeah!

that awesome clock tower goes "DONG!!" (^o^)

ah! the beautiful fountains all over

this is one of the place where we go cam-whoring! whoo-HOO!

yes.. messing around was as fun as well LOL! XP

But after all is said and done, i pretty much enjoyed the day, especially with my friends around. The event, i'd say was good and pretty much decent. Hey! at least it had all the elements of a Japanese Cultural based Fiesta if not much. So i personally salute to the hardworking boys and girls of the organizing committee that made it all happened. It was a good effort you guys! WHOOT!

and for having all the essential elements needed, despite a few glitches here and there, i'd give them an easy 4 out of 10 giving them a margin for improvement in the future. But i got a feeling that these guys will do better next time no? i have high hopes for them! yeah! (^A^)

see you next year!

in short.. yeah.. we had fun! Nuff' Said :)

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